Quest TechnoMarketing

Established and approved specialist for demand trends in automation technology from the users' view

1989 setting up of Quest TechnoMarketing at Bochum, Germany

1996 setting up of Quest Techno-Marketing Ltd. at London, Great Britain

11 employees at Bochum and London

Engineers and Technicians as employees

Committed and enthusiastic professionals

Quest Research

The Quest Research, founded in 2012, is a department of Quest TechnoMarketing.

It investigates the economic conditions of the trends in automation technology such as

  • The structural changes in the course of the worldwide industrial production
  • The internationalization of the worldwide automobile production
  • The backgrounds for the unstable supply situation with rare earths for automation technology
  • The shifts in the export markets of the German machinery industry since the world economic crisis.

These reports are published in the Quest Trend Magazine online in English, German and partly Italian.

Quest Trend Magazin

The current demand trends identified by market surveys from Quest TechnoMarketing

This magazine offers a new approach:

  • Trends in automation technology from the point of view of the machinery industry, the automobile and F&B industries identified by Quest TechnoMarketing's market surveys
  • Interviews with machine-builders, instituts, opinion leaders and suppliers of automation technology related to these trends
  • The mid and long term economic backgrounds of these trends on the worldwide export markets.


It is published as online edition in English, German and partly Italian on